Learning Content Creation

With a strong background in education and armed with an extensive knowledge of learning systems, authoring tools and course design architecture, our Instructional Designers and e-learning experts create custom course content, training modules and assessments for K-12 and corporate learners that meet learning needs while operating within client budgets and other constraints.

Designed to drive high learner engagement and retention, our e-learning services include storyboarding, game-based learning, simulations, flipped learning, microlearning, instructor-led training and more. To augment the learning experience, we develop trainer guides, participant handbooks, software tutorials, instruction manuals, educational stories and question banks.


Design & Animation

People are more engaged when information is presented to them using visuals rather than in a text-only format. This is especially true for e-learning. Be it children in school or working professionals, learners from all segments are able to absorb and retain information better through pictures, animations, and/or videos.

We believe that with the right visual route, even dry and complex topics can be made interesting to the learner. From gamifying a company’s Code of Conduct text-only booklet to creating characters and illustrations to developing explainer videos, our Design and Animation team brings the learning content to life, making it easy for learners to grasp concepts while also making it an enjoyable experience.


Tech & Production

Technology today has not only made it possible for organisations to offer better learning mechanisms to learners but has also made the learning journey easier, efficient, and more accessible to the end user.

Our suite of tech-based learning solutions across cloud-based authoring tools as well as cloud-based Learning Management Systems are geared towards providing transformative, immersive, and adaptive learning experiences to learners while meeting organisational budgetary, data security, storage, and maintenance needs. We build effective learning systems to allow people to develop skills and knowledge as well as support companies to scale and support the lifelong learning need of today’s tech-savvy learners.