The Goal

The client, a SaaS product company helping enterprises manage, digitize, automate and optimize business processes, had developed a mobile application to manage their internal processes and workforce activities across attendance, meetings, reimbursement claims and others. They wanted to create a slew of How-To videos to enable their employees to easily navigate and complete the tasks through the application. 

The Challenges

Budget – Learning Format Fit – It was crucial to map the design of the learning format to the client’s budget while delivering a stellar user experience on the mobile interface. 

Gaps in Raw Content – The FAQ document was meant to be used as the reference for the videos. However, some steps in the user journey weren’t captured in the latest version of the raw content. So, we had to work closely with the client to understand and address these gaps.

The Approach

Using FAQ content provided by the client for each task, we created storyboards and scripts for 1-min videos for each task. We also undertook animation and production of the videos. 

The Result

We created 16 video tutorials across a variety of tasks that not only rendered a seamless and enjoyable experience to the users but also enabled them to easily navigate and complete their tasks successfully. 


Watch a demo of the tutorial video.