The Goal

The client, a global colour and specialty chemicals company, headquartered in Switzerland, took their Health & Safety policy very seriously. A high recall of the rules was absolutely critical to avoid grave safety-related consequences at work. They wanted an innovative and engaging custom elearning solution that would enable employees to recall the Health and Safety protocols for the workplace.

The Challenges

Dry Content – The policy document contained content that was dry and boring for employees to read and remember.

Multiple Rules – The large number of rules made it difficult for employees to remember each and every one. 

Limited Time – Employees had to spend time learning and retaining these rules along with finishing their daily job-related tasks.

The Approach

Microlearning bundled with gamification

We designed the learning course by converting each rule into a micro or bite-sized module and infused elements of gamification into it. A detective-based theme was created to capture the learner’s attention and interest coupled with aspects like scoring, level progressions, badges and others to make the entire lesson interesting and engaging. 

The Result

The microlearning approach allowed employees to really understand each rule thoroughly, and made it easy for them to devote time to one rule per day. The gamified solution made the learning fun and enjoyable.

Watch the demo.