The Goal

The client, a company offering asset management services to high networth individuals, wanted to reach out to their existing clients and address their concerns about adverse market conditions at the time. They wanted to instill confidence in the company’s philosophy and urge the investors to remain invested while illustrating the benefits of long term investing. The collateral also had to be in a format that could be shared on Whatsapp.

The Challenges

Clunky Content – The client wanted to use the stellar 20-year performance of a stock in the auto (2-wheeler) industry to tell their story. Keeping this at the core, they wanted several other pieces of qualitative content layered around it. The raw content didn’t lend itself entirely to a graphical illustration. Hence, it was important to glean the right information from the raw data to select for illustration and then ideate the right kind of illustrations that would reflect the brand’s personality.

Device-Agnostic Canvas  – There was a lot of information that was expected to be illustrated. Hence, in order to make the content legible for the reader, choosing the right canvas to depict all of the content in an uncluttered manner was critical.

The Approach

We first created a storyboard of the critical portions of information. After brainstorming the best and relevant visual depictions of each panel we designed an infographic that covered all data points expected by the client.

The Result

The design was well received by the client as well as their investors. 

View the final design below.